2022 Charity Barrel Race

Benefiting TRAK and Make a WIsh Foundaton of Arizona

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Stallion Auction

Go to 32auctions.com/sabra2022

to check out the over 30 stallions that have generously donated breedings to support our charities!


Entry Form

Entries must be postmarked by October 11th to avoid a late fee.

Entry Form



What is the deadline for pre-entries and payment?

Pre-entries must be postmarked by October 11, 2022. Entries received after the deadline will incur a $10 late fee per horse. Payment is due October 15th by 11:59pm in order to be in the pre-draw. Payment received after the deadline will be added to the late draw and a late fee will be assessed.

How can I pay?

We can accept cash, check or credit cards. For cash or check please mail it with your entry. If you wish to pay with a card please list your email address on your entry form and mail it in. Once we receive it we will send you an invoice to your email that you can click on and pay with your card. A 5% fee is added to credit card transactions.

Can I setup portable stalls?

Portable stalls are not allowed. Any horse staying overnight must be in a stall. Additionally, outside shavings are not allowed and shavings must be purchased through the Fairgrounds. Stalls are $25 for the first day and $15 for each additional day. One bag of shavings is included with a stall. If you need your stall next to someone please specify on your entry form so we can try to accomodate.

Are both days of the race pointed?

For members, only Saturday is pointed and Sunday is non pointed.

Is dress code required?

Dress code is not required but is always recommended so you look awesome in your pictures! Wear red, blue, yellow, or green to go along with our Charities' logos and the theme for the weekend!

How often do you rake?

We rake every 5 runners and do a big drag every 100 runners!

What is the pattern and setup like?

We will have a holding pen and alley, stay tucked up behind the panels and please keep gate/alley clear at all times.  Please no small children or dogs in the holding pen or alley. The pattern is *approximately* 73 feet between 1st and 2nd barrels and 90 feet to the 3rd barrel with a 37-40ft score.

Will there be food available to purchase ?

The cantina will be open all weekend with food and drinks available and possibly an additional food truck as well.

What are the division splits?

Pee wee is for walk, trot, lead line kids.  We do not measure a pattern, track times, or calculate an average.  Prizes daily to entrants and a random draw for a buckle for pee wee kids that attend both days of the race. If your child is loping they should be in the youth.

Youth 3D is a 1.5 second split between divisions.
Open 5D is .5 second splits all the way down.

Masters 2D is a 1 second split between divisions.

Futurity is a 1D with no splits.

Poles 2D is a 2 second split between divisions.

What is the run for the money?

$100 entry, 100% payback, 5D format with ½ second splits and all divisions paid equally. Must run in Open 5D and time will be carried.

What are the age restrictions for youth and masters?

Youth must be no older than 15 as of January 1st.
Masters is for riders 55 and older as of January 1st.

What happens if the timer malfunctions during my run?

If your time is missed for timer malfunction, you will receive a rerun with a clean slate.

What is the futurity showcase and futurity sidepot?

Futurity sidepot is open to any horse 2018 or younger cannot have competed before 11/15/2021. Must be entered in the Open and times will be carried from the Open.
Futurity showcase is for horses eligible to run on 11/15/2022. It will be run after the PeeWee each day. Names and times will be announced as it would be for the open and we will drag every 5 but there will be no prize money.

What order will the events be run?

Order of run is pee wee, youth, open.  Youth may carry their time to the open but must indicate it on the entry form before they run.
Time onlies, futurity showcase, and poles will be run on Friday 10/21/22.

How much are RV Spots and Dry Camping and how to I reserve them?

RV spots are $35/night and first come first serve through the RV Office.  Dry camping is $25 a night.  Hookups and dry camping can be reserved upon arrival at the RV Office at the Pima County Fairgrounds or at the Guard Shack as you pull in. There are PLENTY of hookups.

Do I need to pay an additional arena fee?

All entry fees include a $12 arena fee (example open is $48 and arena fee is $12 = $60 total per run)

Can I be a vendor at this event?

Absolutely! Vendor fees for this event are $25/ day and we require a donation of a silent auction item valued at $50. Please email us at southernazbarrelracing@gmail.com if you'd like to be a vendor.

What is the timeline and schedule of events?

Friday 10/21:

Time Onlies- Schedule TBD depending on how many we get.

Futurity Showcase- 5:30pm

Poles 6pm

Vendors on site from 2pm-8pm.

Saurday 10/22:

Peewee 9am

Youth will run after PeeWee, tentatively around 9:30am

Open will follow Youth

Silent Auction will end at 9pm

Vendors on site from 9am-4pm

Sunday 10/23:

Peewee 9am

Youth will run after PeeWee, tentatively around 9:30am

Open will follow Youth

Vendors on site from 9am to 2pm

Awards presentation after the Open.


Map of Facilites

Marked with a PURPLE arrow is the entry gate, enter off Brekke Road and let the guard shack know you are there for the SABRA Barrel Race.

The PURPLE X is the RV office, if you need RV hookups, go there upon arrival to set that up.

Marked in YELLOW is the dry camping lot. Please DO NOT PARK in this lot unless you will be paying for dry camping!

The TURQUOISE lot is the general parking lot for anyone that will not be camping or setup in an RV Spot. If this lot fills up, there is additional parking on the far west side of the fairgrounds by Manny's arena.

The BLUE Square is the cantina, that will be open and serving food and drinks during the event. There are a FEW parking spots around the Cantina that we'd like to save for handicapped and our Equine vendors. If you are one of our Equine vendors (therapy, bodywork, massage, etc. You can pull into those spots for closer access to unload whatever you may need to unload.

The LIME GREEN is the indoor and covered arenas where the race will be happening and where your stalls will be located. The covered arena is where you can warm up!! A map of stall assignments will be posted with the draw.

And most importantly, the RED areas are off limits! Don't warm your horses up in the arenas marked with a red x and DO NOT park in the area marked in RED!

Map PCF.jpg