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SABRA Summer Series

Summer Series: Welcome

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Please fill out this form to pre-enter for the 7/13/24 race. Please fill out a new form for each horse, enter your horses in the order you want them to run.
Pre- Entries close Thursday July 11th at 6pm.

By clicking "submit" I (named below) agree to enter this event, and will not hold the arena owner, SABRA officers, show organizers or any persons connected with this event responsible in case of accident or injury or death which may occur to me, my horse, my child, and my property if incident should occur. I understand the risk of this sport and take full responsibility for myself and my child if incident should occur. By signing this it is understood that I have read, agree and understand my full responsibility.

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Please mark each class you want to enter.
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Thank you for entering!

Summer Series: Sales Lead
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